5 Keys to Financial Communication

5 Keys to Financial Communication

When it comes to making a marriage or a long-term partnership last, there are two main things that help the most, communication and trust.  With 50% or more of marriages ending in divorce; a primary cause of divorce is a disagreement over something in the relationship. One of the major issues that plague many relationships is financial concerns.

My partner and I have been together for 12 years, and proper communication and trust are what has kept us going so long. We have been through a lot over the last 12 years, and if we did not communicate effectively with one another, we would never have lasted. We have been through times where we had so little money we had to sell nearly everything we own, and we were eating at the local soup kitchen for lunch three times a week.

The main thing that has kept us strong is we talk through everything. We have no secrets in our relationship, (aside from gifts, and surprises). We have an open line of communication and fear no judgment from the other person. If we had kept all of the issues that we were facing bottled up, and did not share with the other, I honestly feel that we would not have made it. Too often, when we are in a marriage or a long-term relationship, we get comfortable and think that our partner can read our mind when in reality we are just pulling away further and further from them.

In order to keep a relationship strong all aspects must be discussed, and in this day and age when many people bring not just a few thousand in debt, but upwards of 100,000 or more from student loans and consumer debt, communication is a necessity, and starting a relationship with lies will only lead to going further down the rabbit hole. Honesty and open communication is the key to having a lasting, loving relationship.

Here are my top tips to ensuring both partners feel they are equal in the relationship.

  1. Share in large purchases, (do not make large purchases without conferring with your partner)
  2. Share knowledge of all debt when you get serious in the relationship.
  3. Confer with your partner before making any big decisions, (such as jobs, education, etc.)
  4. Do not hide things from your partner (If something is bothering you, talk about it)
  5. Share in the positives, and the negatives (Financial gains, job losses, etc.)

With so many couples ending in divorce or those that cohabitate breaking up, proper financial communication lines from the beginning may have been able to save some of these relationships. When you have an issue arise, talk about it. Communicate on what life choices you want to make, such as houses, cars, schooling, etc. If you are on the same page, you can agree on the decisions and create that open line of communication.

By Guest Blogger Corey Belden




Pushing Through Limitations Guest Blogger Corey Belden

Pushing Through Limitations Guest Blogger Corey Belden

For any couple finding activities to do together is important. For a plus size couple, it can be difficult to find activities that they both enjoy, and can participate in. As a plus size individual there are certain activities that I simply cannot participate in. It is not necessarily due to my size, but due to the fact that I am simply out of shape. Too many people, both plus size and non-plus size alike think because you are a fatty that you cannot be physically fit; this is simply not true. As larger people we can fully participate in activities, we just have to work a little bit harder to do so.

My partner and I used to be much more physically fit than we are now. While we still love to walk, travel and hike, the sad fact is that our intensity level has dropped over the last couple of years. This is mostly due to me, because we started a business two years ago and work seven days a week, and I went from being very active to literally sitting for 12-16 hours a day. Last winter, I did not leave the house for nearly two months, and as a result my muscles started to atrophy. When I first started to leave the house in the spring, I could barely walk, I had to sit every five minutes, and lean on a cart when we ran errands. I did not feel like myself, I felt so defeated.

We all have different levels of fitness, and I know that some people have never worked out and they are worse off than I was to begin with, but we can all push ourselves to be better, and fitter. We cannot let our size stop us from continuing to be active, and find activities that we enjoy. As an over 300 pound, nearly six-foot-tall woman, I have been to several countries, and have been stared at for that, and my red hair, but I have not let that stop me. I hiked over 100 stairs down into a cavern in the Bahamas, (that people half my size had trouble with), walked non-stop for several hours, snorkeled, and so many more activities, and every time I held my head high. My partner and I are not small people, both in girth and height, and may seem intimidating, but we keep chugging, doing what we enjoy, and we will keep doing it. Do what you love no matter what!

By Corey Belden

Guest Blogger for Posh Lifestyle Company

Being a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant

In an age where the digital world is taking over, the opportunity for virtual work has increased dramatically. In the period from 2005-2012 employees working virtually increased by a whopping 80% (Ciotti, 2016). This shows that not only is the demand growing, but so is the skillsets within the industry.

No more do you need to place an ad in the newspaper to outsource work you need done, you need only place it in a forum and a person who you may never meet in the flesh, who may not even be in your country will respond. The details of the job, the editing and the approvals – all done virtually! Virtual Assistant

And taking into consideration, that this work can be done when you want, how you want, as long as you deliver the product asked by your client, it makes you wonder – what is stopping you from delving into the world of becoming a virtual assistant?

Before you go making any hasty decisions, we have complied a list of things to consider should you be thinking about starting process of becoming a Virtual Assistant [VA]:

  1. Do you have any marketable skills? Might seem obvious, but believe me, you want to know what your skillset is and whether you can deliver the project you promise, on time in a professional manner before you go pitching to clients. You DO NOT want to disappoint your client, both because they will never refer you and because it will destroy your self-confidence. So, start small! Find projects you feel confident in and build from there. Positive feedback is a sales tool and this is what you want to aim for.
  2. Do you know how to quote for the work? Another seemingly obvious one. But honestly, do you know the amount of work involved in the task you are quoting for? Have you set aside enough time for that job and quoted accordingly? Do not undersell yourself. Work out what your base hourly rate it and make sure that you have quoted the job to ensure you are being paid for work you have put in. Remember, your time is important, it is time spent away from family and friends and other potential paid work.
  3. How are you going to find the work? It might sound easy, this work from home career change, but do you know how and where to find this work? Where are your clients? How are you going to find them? How much time and money are you willing to invest in securing a solid client base? It isn’t always easy to find clients, many start-up VA businesses are only ever start-ups, they go nowhere. Sometimes this is because the business has marketable skills that are overpriced, or under-priced. Sometimes it’s because the marketable skills of the business are commonplace and the competition in the market-place is too high. And sometimes it’s because the business does not know how to market itself to the clientele they are wanting to secure. Either way, the lesson to be learnt here is – do your homework. Make sure there is space for you in the virtual business world and that you have developed a business plan that will ensure you can make a seamless entry into the world of virtual work.
  4. Do you really have the time to devote to the task? This, in my opinion, is a big one. You decide to start your virtual business; you plan it and begin to market. You quote for 10 jobs, thinking you may only get one – you get 5 – and you’re still committed to your 9-5. So, do you have the time to do the work you are considering? Conversely, if you are considering giving up your 9-5 can you really be sure that virtual world will provide enough work on a regular enough basis to give you a reason to commit. Advice? Well, there is not real way to give advice on this one. It’s a case by case scenario. But think this through before you begin and do the math. And the lesson here is, do not overcommit. Do not say yes to something or begin work on something unless you are 100% sure you can complete it and that it is the path you want to go down.

So, now you have an idea of a few of the things to consider when diving into the Virtual work pool. It’s not a complete list, but it’s enough to consider for now. Remember, like any job, signing up to become a VA is like committing to any job. There are real people relying on you and your reputation is built around the quality of the work you deliver. So, don’t just have a crack until you have thought about whether or not this path is one you really want to go down.

And, the last piece of advice for you to take away is – ask for help. Join some forums and do your research before you make any decisions. There are some great online communities that you can become a part of and seasoned VA’s who will be more than willing to give you advice to help you on your way. If you do pursue this path – remember – to give help to those who ask for it, because we all must start somewhere and it is better to build one another up, then tear one another down.

Five Tips for Customer Happiness and Retention

Five Tips for Customer Happiness and Retention

When looking to improve customer retention as well as gain new business experts say it starts with your people. “Studies from the U.S. Small Business Administration and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have found that acquiring new customers can cost as much as five to seven times more than just retaining existing customers”. Businesses of all sizes find themselves at odds with how to keep their current customer base and acquire new ones. There are five simple ways that any business can accomplish this:

1.  Actually listen to your customers:

Too often the employees that deal with customers on the front line have had little to no training in assisting customers. Whether the employees receive active listening, or empathy training, or simply empowering them to make decisions, they are the face of your company and should be armed with what they need to help them achieve success

While the first place to start is to have your employees listen to customers, it also helps to listen to customers; this can be done through surveys. Allowing customers to provide you with honest feedback contributes to improving your business.

2.  Be the best, then go one step further:

Being the best is not sufficient if you want to have top customer satisfaction scores, and retain customers you need to go above and beyond for every customer. When a customer has an issue, don’t just do the bare minimum to make them happy, go one step beyond that. Such as when Zappos overnighted a pair of shoes to a best man in a wedding. http://www.businessinsider.com/zappos-customer-service-crm-2012-1 Customer happiness is Zappos’ number one goal, outside of sales, but happiness equals sales.

While each company will have their limit on what they can do to make a customer happy, even small things can often please a customer and help you retain them.

Amazon Books Customer Service for the Large Corporation

3.   Use technology:

There are great apps, and services available these days, and many are very cost-effective. Automate as many processes as you possibly can allowing your team to have more time to assist customers. There are software options to do many of the minute tasks that may distract employees from making customers happy. While the costs may seem high, they will pay for themselves in growth from satisfied customers.

4.  Anticipate customers desires:

Problems arise, but preventing them and predicting what can happen is essential to customer happiness. Anticipating problems is as simple as checking in with your customers. Have employees call, text, or email them just to see how everything is going. For a company to be successful, they must have continued growth, and it is easier to sell to current customers than acquire new ones. Simple act such as showing that you care by “checking in” can set you apart from competitors.

5.  Build relationships online and in person:

Many companies sit around waiting for customers to contact them, this goes back to checking in, encouraging customers to connect on all social media platforms, have live video sessions on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., utilize ways to help customers see your company as a living being, not just a soulless corporation.


Customers are 71% more likely to shop with a brand that their friends suggested. Byutilizing social media you are building brand awareness, and helping your current customers and their connections see that you are trustworthy.

While there are more aspects to building customer retention, and increasing satisfactory customer service, these five tips for customer happiness are a great start.

If you want to see how you can help your employees learn to have more positive interactions with customers, and turn that unhappy customer into one your biggest marketing tools contact me for more information.

How to Better Plan Your Blog Content Ideas – Blogging Content Planner

What happened the last time you sat down at your computer to write a blog post? Did it come easily to you, with the words flowing effortlessly through your fingertips? Or did you stare at the screen for several minutes with your blood pressure rising, not knowing where to begin?Oh-Tilly-Styled-Stock-Photography-Subscription-Portfolio-018c

You’re not alone. Writing isn’t everyone’s strength and the stress of writing a blog post is compounded when you don’t know what to write about or don’t know what your audience needs to hear about. I’m also guessing that you spend so much time with your clients – giving them the support they need – that you don’t have time for the backend of your business. Am I right?

Use Your Blog as a Client Magnet

Every coach needs a place to showcase their expertise and develop their credibility so think of your blog as your portfolio of sorts, where potential clients will go to read more about your thoughts, beliefs, and your coaching style.

Secondly, as your client magnet, you always want to be enticing new and current clients with your offerings because, let’s face it, we can’t ever predict when a client (or two!) will end their services and if you aren’t engaging people on a regular basis by supplying new content to them, you’ll be starting from square one trying to find new clients. Talk about stressful!

Thirdly, by monetizing your blog posts, you can earn some passive income to supplement your coaching business. Using affiliate links for recommending your favorite books or business tools will yield you a small monthly commission and if you have your own products, you can sell those, too.

However, updating your blog regularly with new, unique, and valuable information for your audience is where many coaches run into problems.

What to Share on Your Blog

Think about your ideal client and their pain points. What are their biggest struggles or fears? What questions do you hear on a daily or weekly basis from your social media followers? Do you have an extraordinary case study in which a client reached certain milestones in a unique way?

These are all topics that you can easily share in a blog post. Some more detailed subjects you can turn into a series of blog posts or, to mix it up a bit for your readers, you can record some videos on these topics and post them on your blog. Using video is an easy way to connect with your target audience and allows them to put a face and voice with a name.

Now that you have lots of great ideas, you need to get them organized.

Blog Post Planner

Unless you’re a prolific writer who oozes creativity and can punch out a blog post in 15 minutes flat, planning your blog posts takes some time and organization. With our Blog Post Planner you can take one hour out of your day and plan months of blog posts. Spend one more hour to decide what products you’ll promote in each blog post and you’ll attract clients and earn some passive income all at once.

Using our Blog Post Planner also allows you to coordinate your blog post themes with seasonal events or holidays, live conference events, local book signings, or your latest product launch. You don’t have any more excuses for forgetting significant events or putting out a less-than-stellar blog post because you were in a hurry.


Use Our Content Planner to Create a List Building Freebie, Mini Digital Product, or Create a Training Library for Your Members and Clients

We know you’re busy running your business and having a life, so we’ve made it easy for you to grow your list, develop mini low-cost products, and create a training library for your members and clients (free or paid).

Each Blog Content You Create is an opportunity to brand, customize your passions, and develop your coaching practice.  This planner includes exercises,  where you can build your content around giveaways and packages for your clients/customers/members.

Imagine How Fast Your Business Would Grow if You…

  • Use our content to develop a free gift that you can give away to grow your mailing list and get new clients
  • Create a mini, low-cost product by recording a video or webinar training and then include it with the workbook and checklist, and sell it to your clients
  • Boost the value of your monthly group coaching program by creating a training library for your members and clients
  • Set up a lead page giving away free content and packages your create, and promote your lead page through Facebook ads to grow your mailing list

Ready to save a ton of time + money and grow your business?   

French Macarons

Here is What You Get with the “Blog Content Planner”:

You’ll get a step-by-step planner you can create, brainstorm, plan, and manage your content ideas, and free up time and add in a bonus to your existing coaching programs.

No more writing content from scratch or paying a ghostwriter hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help you develop your training content.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, and we’ve made it super affordable so it’s easy on the wallet. Now all you have to do is use it!

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (19 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Types of Content
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Guest Expert List
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Six Theme Ideas
  • Step 2: Create a Consistency Plan
    • Exercise: Map Out Your Content Creation Schedule
  • Step 3: Become a SEO Pro
    • Exercise: List 5 Categories for Your Blog
    • Exercise: List 5 Keywords for Your Blog
    • Exercise: List 5 Tags for Your Blog
  • Step 4: Brain Dump Your Ideas and Topics
    • Exercise: Create 10 Blog Titles with Matching Themes
  • Step 5: Write Strategically for Better Results
    • Exercise: Create 15 Call to Actions
  • Step 6: Repurpose Your Content
    • Exercise: Plan to Repurpose Your Content
  • Step 7: Don’t Guess. Fill-in-the-Blank Monthly Planner
    • Exercise: Plan Your Month by Filling in the Blanks

Your clients will LOVE having this planner they can download or print off.

Oh Tilly Styled-Stock Photography-Subscription
3 Free Professional Styled Stock Photos Per Month

–This site contains some graphics that contain affiliate links.

Interested in adding affiliate marketing to your website or blog, it is a great way to monetize your blog, and received sponsors for your passions and content. ShareaSale is an Affiliate Resource where you can select from multiple companies to represent your brand blogging ideas.

Web services providers are available to host your blog, so you can own your blogging content. Branding and having your a great web service provider is a great way to build tools around your blogging content. With Flywheel they are offering 1 Month Free Web Hosting, for WordPress.

All Coaches need a dedicated number for their Coaching Business to support their Coaching Clients. A great Cloud Phone System, will give you a dedicated business number for blog support, coaching calls, and new client discovery calls.  Here is a Coaching Client Kit full of Forms to manage your Coaching Clients, and New Client Service.

Most importantly, where ever you are in your Blogging, or in your Coaching Practice, planning your content is a great way to mange time, money, resources, and to get a clear picture of the ideas, packages, and offers you want to create.


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5 Ways to Help Ensure You Attend You Scheduled Training Session

5 Ways to Help Ensure You Attend You Scheduled Training Session

Not making it to the Gym or your Personal Training Sessions?

5 Ways to Help Ensure You Attend You Scheduled Training Session

“Train regularly”, “Get out, be active”, “Move your body”. These are things we hear so often.  Not only do we feel pressured by the media to move our bodies ‘or else’, governments are creating programs to encourage us to get outside, and be a part of the fitness movement. Realistically? how easy is that in this day and age?imagesStairsteper

Women are constantly pressured to fit into those skinny jeans, not have cellulite creeping down their legs, and to always be looking their best.  Women’s lives are not always that simple.  We have commitments. Commitments that make it hard to meal prep, that make it hard to say no to that sugary treat at three in the afternoon, and that make it hard to make the effort to turn up to our scheduled training session, regardless of if we book it for 5am or 4pm.

But (and we can all attest to this), we all know how good we feel after we train.  That’s why we plan to do it.  That’s why we think we look 5kg’s of 5lbs lighter in our jeans after we do it.  That’s why we feel so guilty when we make plans to do it and it never eventuates.

So – what can we do to make this process easier? Well here are the five key methods I have discovered help you to book a training session – and keep it!



Never over commit: You cannot go from training NEVER to training three days a week. It just isn’t possible. So – don’t over-commit. Start small. You will feel much better about life if you start small and build from there. As you increase your fitness, you will naturally feel more inclined to train and committing to extra days won’t seem such as task.


Train with a friend: Find a friend who has the same goals in mind as you! Having a training partner is half the battle. Instead of just letting yourself down, now you’re obligated to show up because someone else is relying on you. And that is much harder to ignore – believe me – I have tried!!!


Set out your training gear the night before: Setting out your training gear the night before stops you from finding excuses. And believe me a tired brain can think of anything! Including socks that do not match, which – by the way – means nothing!


Have a goal in mind: Why do you care about looking good and feeling better? Is it a reunion? That new bikini you purchased? Maybe it’’s those Freddy jeans you have been eyeing off? Visualise that goal – whatever it may be – now write it down. Now, use it as inspiration, every time you think about giving up! Believe me – this one works!


Vocalise your commitment: Do not be frightened to admit you have goals. Vocalise them. Once you tell someone something it makes it real, makes it tangible. Once your goal is tangible, it doesn’t seem like such an unattainable goal anymore. This is a key requirement!! But, it can be one of the hardest. Maybe start with baby steps and vocalise it to yourself in the mirror, then pick a trusted friend or family member. But saying something out loud makes it real. Have a go...

Now that we have established the five fool-proof ways of ensuring you turn up to that training session you keep promising yourself – grab your diary, pencil in the next session and lets get the ball rolling on the new you that’s waiting for you [once you begin keeping all those promises you make to yourself about committing to your health and wellness!

**Remember, we are all entitled to make mistakes. To fail. So, once you start on our journey, remember, should you stumble – it’s the grace with which you get back up that makes you strong.

“Written by: Shannon Ball [SB Virtual Business Assistance]”

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The Launch Posh LifeStyle Company

The Launch Posh LifeStyle Company

Posh LifeStyle Company, is a lifestyle brand, with product and service offerings in Fashion, Beauty, Home, Wellness and Fitness.  Posh LifeStyle Company was created for Women, with some specialty Men’s products,  (featured in specific categories).  You can preview our many service lines on our website. http://poshlifestyleco.weebly.com/  and on our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,




Posh Lifestyle Company FASHION | BEAUTY | WELLNESS was built to provide support in various lifestyle categories, by providing, specific lifestyle options.  Our wellness and fitness service line focuses on healthy eating, healthy living, and a green eco friendly home.  The support and sustainability of our health, mind, and bodies is important.  It all starts with a clean and healthy home. For more information on making a lifestyle change to a more clean, green, and sustainability focus (longevity) call 855-864-9423.

Our Home Goods service lines includes furniture, office and bedding products and unique placements for the home. Our HOME partnership goal is to provide you with items for the home kitchen and support items in and around your lifestyle, office, fitness and more. One thing that we here at Posh Lifestyle Company are truly excited about is Style List, our unique promotional theme and consumer engagement segment for our customers.

Style List, unique Online Shopping, versus Instore shopping, where items can be delivered right to your home.  Style List provides instore gift certificates for friends and loved ones to shop Instore at our brick and mortar location in Roseville, CA. Style List also presents a unique theme and colors geared towards engagement, consumer interaction, and communication around purchases, that is as unique as being able to walk into the store, or go online and create customized looks and finding unique merchandise based on individual style choices.  Style List will be presenting a unique campaign regularly to consumers throughout the life of Posh Lifestyle Company, as a vendor at local and online events.

Style List EFS

What a fun way to shop and support Posh LifeStyle Company than to have a unique customer experience department and campaign theme embedded within Posh LifeStyle Company.  You can visit Style List Online today to get a unique feel and overview of our Fashion and Jewelry products available to order online today.

Stylelist Logo

The launch of Posh LifeStyle Company has came with a few growing pains, we started this journey in March and by April we were well on the way, promoting, building, and initializing.  We have promoted, built, created, invested, and brought about.    Our service lines are now available, we are supper excited about our website and the unique lifestyle theme that it presents.  View Posh LifeStyle Company on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/poshlifestylecompany.

I began opening my business in April, and was led away by career opportunities and the need to self support my company. I have devoted several hours and attention to growing my business where I can for the past few months. I have invested a lot of time and money and love what I am building and creating. My lifestyle brand is Posh LifeStyle Company, www.poshlifestylecompany./weebly.com. As a lifestyle company Posh LifeStyle Company provides Fashion, Wellness, Beauty and Home goods and products to women of all walks of life. There are several products in the Home category for men. My original idea was to create a lifestyle company for women, and to include specialty products for men, depending on the seasons styles and popular items. Shop Posh LifeStyle Company today www.poshlifestylecompany.com, I recently added a chat feature, where,  you may find me online,via Tawk providing free consultations and assisting with business and lifestyle purchases.
Posted in Central Oak Park Neighborhood local online community Thanksgiving Day Nov. 25, 2015

Posted by local Founder Cynthia Crosby….eyes of suspicion and interest has been answered.

Fun Future blurb:

Posh LifeStyle Comapny is self supported, their are crowdfunding talks with consultants and PR and Marketing Company’s. VC and Angel Investor talks are also being considered, as likely or ideal.  The growth and sustainability of the brand is the topic of discussion along with its luxury brand capabilities.  Posh LifeStyle Company  is going to make its anchors in Fashion, Beauty, Home, Wellness and Fitness, which has already began to set ground with its unique partnerships in these categories.

Customer growth and customer outreach are business goals the Posh LifeStyle Company is currently working on,  by interacting with customers in local markets as well as online through social media Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and online presence through its two primary customer focused websites http://www.poshlifestylecompany.com and http://www.stylelistonline.com.

9 Money Saving Tips you can Make in 10 Minutes by LearnVest

savings coinsSave Money, Boost Credit, Learn Money Management, all in 10 Minutes, read the featured LearnVest article by clicking on the savings coins, receive 9 Money Saving tips for Free.

1. Set up an automatic savings transfer.

We all want to save more of what we make, but sometimes life gets in the way. Our best intentions can get waylaid by a busy schedule, a few spending splurges, or just plain forgetfulness.

That’s why setting up an automatic savings transfer from your checking account often can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to get on a better financial path, says David Blaylock, a LearnVest Planning Services Certified Financial Planner™.

How to do it: Most major banks offer automatic transfers online—in fact, it’s often one of the first options you’ll see when you log in to your account.

And you don’t need to be overly ambitious with your savings rate from the get-go. You can start by setting up a recurring transfer amount that you know you can afford—and then try to steadily increase that amount every few months.

Time it takes: Less than 5 minutes.


2. Check your credit score.

Roughly 60% of Americans don’t know their credit score, which is like the financial equivalent of not knowing your Social Security number. Since it affects the kind of interest rates you’ll get on loans and credit cards, you may find it critical to review your credit score regularly to see how healthy it is.

“It’s like a report card” for your finances, says Blaylock, explaining that it helps give you an idea of whether you need to pay down debt, avoid opening new lines of credit, or close credit cards you have but don’t use.

How to do it: Several online services will provide your credit score from one of the three major credit agencies free of charge. CreditKarma.com, for instance, offers a score using data from TransUnion and Equifax, while Quizzle.com provides your VantageScore and your Equifax credit report. For $29.95 a month, you can also get regular updates on your FICO scores from all three bureaus through MyFico.com.

Time it takes: Less than 5 minutes.

RELATED: Checklist: I Want to Monitor and Improve My Credit Score

3. Designate beneficiaries.

“The last thing anyone wants to do is leave behind challenges for loved ones after we are gone,” Blaylock says. But this is exactly what could happen if you don’t designate beneficiaries on insurance policies and investment accounts, because it increases the likelihood that family and friends will have to go through the probate process—which typically involves judges, attorneys, attorneys’ fees and delays.

How to do it: You can typically designate a beneficiary online through your insurance provider or brokerage. And it’s a good idea to revisit your beneficiary designations once a year to make sure the info is up-to-date.

Time it takes: 5 to 10 minutes.

RELATED: 3 Money Lessons That My Dad Taught Me … in Death


Read the full article


Posh LifeStyle Company

Welcome to Posh Lifestyle Company Blog!

Posh Lifestyle Company is all about FASHION | BEAUTY | WELLNESS | HOME, our mantra is Elegant, Fashionable, Stylish YOU. We are based in California and have retail partners who support our product and service line. Our blog features unique stories about our company products, services, everyday lifestyle, how to’s, and expert tips! We are excited and happy to share with you our readers.